I did these to help develop a logo design for a wine company, LJ Crafted Wines.


I did these for a friend online.  She’s an American Dad fan, so I tried to match that style a bit.  The other, I just did for fun around Easter time. And surprisingly, no, the art isn’t that exaggerated…


I did this as an invitation for a party.



I did this as a gift for a friend, a Yu Yu Hakusho fan.



I did this for fun a while back, a little fan art mashup of Skyrim and Ace Ventura.



I did this for my favorite morning radio show:

The Mikey Show.

Mikey Show D and D


These are some rough character sketches.

Sword Pose Characters GroupCartoony Characters01Flat Design Characters  CreaturesSnipeSuperhero Poses01Hicks and HippyCartoony Characters02KnightsGeneral01Ranger ChickColored Sketches03Cute ChickColored Sketches01


These are rough sketches of poses.

Cool Poses01Sword Poses01Poses SittingStu Poses01Stu Poses02Female Poese01Colored Sketches04Colored Sketches02


Here are some sketches of faces and facial expressions.

Faces01Faces02Faces04Faces05 Loydd Facial Expressions  Faces03


Here are some examples of rough-to-final artwork.

Elf ProgressionSuperhero Progress01Sword Girl Progression


I did this as an invitation for my niece’s birthday party.


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